Genshin Impact Leaks: Chasm, Yelan Release Date, Dendro Archon Details Leaked

January 26, 2022

Genshin Impact fans would be elated to know that the latest leak has given some exciting information about some of the upcoming stuff in the game.

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After quite a surprising turn of events in the leaking community with UBatcha’s account getting hacked, fans must be wondering if there are any new leaks about Genshin Impact. It is not quite a confirmed one, but it still gives us some fair idea about Chasm, Yelan, and the Dendro Archon.

Genshin Impact Leaks: Chasm Release Date, Dendro Archon Details Leaked

According to a leak on Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord, we have got some information about the release date of one of the regions in the game, along with the Dendro Archon. This leak comes from Reddit user u/no-lifeguard4399 who has been accurate with a few leaks in the past, starting with Yae’s idles.

Nonetheless, here is what the leak states.

  • 2.7 will have Chasm and will feature Zhongli and Yelan in the story line. No info if its end of Liyue story line or not.
  • Yelan will be on a banner in 2.7
  • The dendro archon is like Kazuha (element buffer support)

Firstly, we have details about the Chasm region. This region has been amidst rumors for a long time now, and many believed that it will arrive at a much earlier update. It seems like we will finally get Chasm in the 2.7 Update, and it is also stated that Zhongli and Yelan will be featuring in the game during that time as well.

What’s interesting is the fact that Yelan will be arriving in 2.7 along with the Chasm region, so it could turn out to be quite a major update if things go as stated. This falls in line with some other leaks as well, which had stated that Ayato will come in 2.6 and Yelan will arrive in 2.7

Lastly, it states that the Dendro Archon will be like Kazuha, which mostly suggests the appearance of the same. There is no information about when Dendro will be added but it will likely come in 3.0.

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