Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal Scaramouche Element, Weapon, Development Details

March 11, 2022

Genshin Impact fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of Scaramouche and some interesting details have surfaced today.

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We are slowly coming close to the end of the 2.x Update series of Genshin Impact, with 3.0 likely bringing the Sumeru region as per leaks. As usual, fans are wondering what new characters will be arriving in the update, and many are wondering when Scaramouche will come out.

Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal Scaramouche Development Details

According to a new leak posted by Espearance, (via SaveYourPrimos), something is definitely happening around one of the most anticipated characters in the game, Scaramouche. Here is what the leak states.

  • Scaramouche will definitely be playable in the near future
  • Scaramouche is currently in development
  • Its completion status isn’t that high
  • Scaramouche is definitely not coming in the 2.x update, and will be after 3.0. Whether he will be playable before 4.0 is something that is also doubtful.
  • As far as the character and weapon goes, Scaramouche will likely be an Electro Catalyst. Now this is something that players need to take with a huge grain of salt. Weapons and elements are one of those things that are always subject to change, so unless it is actually released, you cannot take it with certainty. In fact, the leaker themeselves states that this is subject to change, but this is the most likely element and weapon.
  • More details about Scaramouche will appear after a few updates, once the completion rate is high enough and there is enough information available about the same.

Like always, players should take with a grain of salt. We should be hearing more about Scaramouche in the days to come, however, it is good to hear that the character will be playable. That being said, it seems like there is still some time since players will be able to try out the highly anticipated character.

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