Genshin Impact: miHoYo VTuber Lumi N0va Could Join Teyvat

Genshin Impact: miHoYo VTuber Lumi N0va Could Join Teyvat

Lumi N0va, the visually stunning Number 0 Virtual Actress who recently got her animated desktop, could appear in Genshin Impact at some point.

As you already know, miHoYo recently launched two new projects, the VTuber Lumi N0va with her animated desktop app N0va Desktop, and open-world ARPG Genshin Impact. Available on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android. N0va Desktop includes multiple Yumi videos published so far, but also a Genshin Impact background. As such, when DualShockers recently got to interview miHoYo, we asked them if Lumi N0va could appear in Genshin Impact at some point. Here is miHoYo’s answer:

miHoYo: “We are very happy that players around the world are already beginning to discover and fall in love with our virtual avatar, Lumi N0va. While we do not yet have any plans for cross-over cooperation, please feel free to leave us feedback about your thoughts and where you might want to see Lumi N0va in the future”.

Right now, miHoYo doesn’t have plans to add Lumi N0va in Genshin Impact. However, if fans ask for it, it might actually happen.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Lumi N0va concert happened in Genshin Impact at some point. It’s important to note many online games often do crossover events like these. PSO2 does it with Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid characters for example. Seeing Sega holds the rights for Hatsune Miku games.  To take a much more mainstream example, Fortnite recently did multiple events like these too. Perhaps Lumi could even become playable in Genshin at some point.

Anyways. If you want Lumi in Genshin Impact, be sure to tell miHoYo. The independent studio publishes the YoYo Lumi videos on Chinese site bilibili with Chinese subs, and later on, YouTube with English subs. While the videos release schedule so far was weekly or biweekly, there was only one video published in September: Lumi N0va EP 13: Lumi’s Qipao Dance in the Meadow. It’s just a guess, but I assume the N0va Desktop team is busy working on Genshin Impact as well, preparing the game’s launch and first days post release.

Lumi N0va EP 13: Lumi’s Qipao Dance in the Meadow

You can also follow the N0va Desktop Twitter account. N0Va stands for “Number 0 Virtual Actress”.

Soon after the launch of Genshin Impact, multiple Japanese players claimed the game was “spyware” or was doing clipboard snooping. miHoYo denied both of these allegations and explained in detail what actually happened. The issues were both unintentional, and have now been solved as well.

We’ll soon publish our full interview with the Genshin Impact development team at miHoYo, so stay tuned.