Genshin Impact Lumine Seiyuu Aoi Yuki Praises Inazuma's Story

Aoi Yuki, Japanese voice actress of Lumine, shared her story impressions via her Twitter.

By Iyane Agossah

September 6, 2021

Everyone has been playing the new Inazuma Archon Quest, including Aoi Yuki, the seiyuu of Hotaru (Lumine) in Genshin Impact, who shared her impressions on Twitter.

Several seiyuu (Japanese voice actors and actresses) who appear in Genshin Impact have been playing the game themselves. Sometimes streaming it too, and Rie Tanaka (Lisa) or Kana Ueda (Yoimiya) are good examples. Meanwhile, Aoi Yuki doesn’t stream. But she regularly shares updates of her adventures via Twitter.

Travelers beware. This story contains spoilers if you haven’t finished the latest Inazuma story chapter, Archon Quest Chapter II Act III, Omnipresence over Mortals.

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Craftopia | Launch Trailer

Craftopia | Launch Trailer

Genshin Impact – Lumine’s Japanese voice actress comments on Inazuma’s Archon Quest

Aoi Yuki tweeted on September 4, at 5:47 AM JST, that she was playing Genshin Impact all night. She mentioned pulling an all-nighter after starting the new Inazuma Archon Quest and being unable to stop until the ending.

Aoi Yuki also mentioned she’s particularly fond of stories where seemingly mundane characters end up shining. Referencing Teppei’s friendship with the traveler. And how his death has a huge impact on the Traveler’s actions and during the final battle against Ei.

More on Aoi Yuki

Aoi Yuki plays the titular character of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, which is one of her most popular roles. She’s also a singer seiyuu, who regularly releases new Singles. You can also hear her sing through her role as Hibiki Tachibana in Symphogear, among others.

Aoi Yuki has been playing Genshin Impact since October, right after the game was released on September 28, 2020. She regularly shares news of her “shotapa” (party of shota characters only) through Twitter. Aoi Yuki picked the male traveler, Sora (Aether). Moreover, she also already mentioned playing with Shun Horie. He’s the Japanese voice actor of Aether, who in turn picked Lumine in his playthrough.

miHoYo will launch the next Genshin Impact patch on October 13, 2021, with Version 2.2. Some leaks have emerged from the beta test as always. Furthermore, you can always reach me on Twitter to chat about the game. Or to discuss upcoming Japanese releases like Tales of Arise.

Raiden Shogun Character Quest screenshots (September 6, 2021, update)

Aoi Yuki shared an additional Genshin Impact tweet on September 6. As she was playing through the Raiden Shogun Character Story Quest, she mistakenly put out the Serenitea Pot. One of the cutscene’s camerawork then made the pot seem like the most important thing ever.

Note how she purposefully erased the dialogue boxes in the screenshots to avoid any kind of spoilers. She also reiterated that while she voices the female traveler, she’s traveling with the cute brother.

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