Genshin Impact - miHoYo Gifts Employees RTX 3070 Cards, PS5 and Switch Consoles Through Lottery Prizes For Chinese New Year

Following the success of free-to-play JRPG Genshin Impact, miHoYo is gifting several consoles and hardware to employees for Chinese New Year festivities.

By Iyane Agossah

January 29, 2021

If you still need proof miHoYo has struck gold with Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch soon): through a lottery for Chinese New Year celebrations, the company will gift its employees PS5 consoles, Switch consoles, iPhones, RTX 3070 graphic cards, and several pieces of hardware.

Only initially shared on Weibo, several photos of mountains of various hardware at miHoYo’s offices have been making the rounds on Japanese anonymous messages boards today, before ending up on several Japanese matome blogs.

China and several communities around the world will celebrate the Chinese new year on February 12, 2021 this year. Note that you can spot all miHoYo games and projects in the last picture. With the miHoYo mascots, official miHoYo VTuber YoYo Lumi, alongside characters from Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin, and Tears of Themis.

Wasn’t that hard gathering so many consoles, considering Genshin Impact has been incredibly popular since its official launch on September 28, 2020. The game definitely deserves it seeing its overall high quality, be it its story elements or gameplay. And sure, there’s a gacha system, but it’s definitely valid to bring up the “nothing force you to pull the gacha” card in here, seeing Genshin Impact unlike 99% of games with gacha elements has ton of stuff to do regardless of Gacha or Stamina. With an open-world to explore. Moreover, the endgame content can be cleared without the need of rarer characters obtainable via Gacha. Anyways, it’s nice to see miHoYo employees are reaping the fruit of their hard work. Here’s hoping Version 1.3 will be just as awesome.

Doing a voice quite similar to Kirito from Sword Art Online, popular seiyuu Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voices Xiao, the new upcoming character of Genshin Impact. Xiao will be added with the Version 1.3 update on February 3, titled All That Glitters.

A web event for Genshin Impact titled Slime Paradise is currently ongoing. Once it ends on January 31, we go back to the usual Slime Genocide instead. As while the event requires you to take care of them, Slimes are among the most common enemies in Genshin Impact for now, and are quite annoying to boot. Hopefully we’ll get to explore more parts of the map with new enemies soon, and hopefully get Inazuma later this year. Note that starting the Slime Paradise event now is too late to get all its rewards. However, you can check all the events and artwork from Slime Paradise here. Last but not least, the list of final adjustments for Zhongli and Geo characters in Version 1.3 should be published soon by miHoYo.

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