Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo Event - How To Find & Defeat Unusual Hilichurl

The Mimi Tomo Event is now live in Genshin Impact!

The Mimi Tomo Event has begun in Genshin Impact with plenty of rewards up for grabs. miHoYo have also included new missions to the Realm of Diversion. Complete these new missions to receive BEP.

DualShockers have put together everything you need to know about the new Genshin Impact Event, including how you can complete the content in the Mimi Tomo event and earn Primogens, Blueprints, Hero’s Wit, and Mora.

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Collected Miscellany – “Eula: Surging Frost” | Genshin Impact

Collected Miscellany – “Eula: Surging Frost” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo Event

Players can now jump into the Mimi Tomo Event in Genshin Impact in order to investigate the Unusual Hilichurl. According to miHoYo, a certain Unusual Hilichurl has been spotted gathering its fellow ‘churls out in the wild.

The purpose of this new event is for players to investigate this ongoing matter, and by doing so can earn various rewards. Team up with Hilichurlian expert Ella Musk and find various hilichurls that are willing to communicate and gather information on the whereabouts of the Unusual Hilichurl. Players must be Rank 20 or above to compete!

The event schedule can be found below.

• Event Gameplay Duration: 2021/05/27/ 10:00 – 2021/06/06/ 03:59 (Server Time)

• “The Lost Hilichurl” Quest Duration: 2021/06/06/ 04:00 – 2021/06/08/ 03:59 (Server Time)

Check out the official description of the event below.

You can obtain clues to find the Unusual Hilichurl by communicating with hilichurls who are willing to talk.

How To Complete

Thanks to the official miHoYo Website, we’ve got an easy guide on completing the event and earning the rewards up for grabs.

The officials steps for completing the event are as follows:

  • Head to the Sighting Locations by following the prompts on the event page.
  • You can find hilichurls who are willing to talk around the area of Sighting Locations. Please try to understand them with with assistance from Ella and complete their commissions.
  • After completing the hilichurls’ commissions, they will reveal clues about the time and location of the Unusual Hilichurl’s whereabouts.
  • Based on the clues obtained, head to the location where the Unusual Hilichurl is found at the correct time.
  • You will obtain the corresponding rewards upon defeating the Unusual Hilichurl.


  • To find the Sighting Locations where hilichurls can be found, head to the event page and follow the prompts.
  • Locate a hilichurl in the Sighting Location and complete the commisions they request.
  • Any phrases or sentences that you can’t understand from the hilichurl, refer to the Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian which is provided by Ella Musk. Head to your Inventory then Quest to find the handbook.
  • After completing the commisions by the hilichurl, head to the location of the Unusual Hilichurl at the time specified by the clues. If you head to the location at the wrong time, you can simply change the time by heading to the Paimon Menu > Time. Defeat the Unusual Hilichurl and the event is complete!

All Rewards

Once you defeat the Unusual Hilichurl, you are able to earn rewards such as:

  • Primogems
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mora
  • Embroidered Lantern: Lofty Grandeur
  • Embroidered Curtains
  • Floral Screen: Jade and Gold
  • Thundering Heavens Drum
  • Lantern-Lit Stage: Crescendo
  • Silk Curtains: Fetching the Sanguine Sky
  • Tasseled Lanter: Deck The Streets
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