Genshin Impact Paimon Bargain April Shop - Is it Worth to Buy Royal Weapons, Amber, or Razor?

April – Another month has begun, meaning another reset for the Paimon Bargain Shop in Genshin Impact, with two new 4* characters available to buy, alongside either Blackcliff or Royal Weapons. This April the shop includes Amber, Razor, and Royal Weapons on sale, but is it worth it?

Should you buy Amber or Razor?

Amber is a free character, meaning you’d get her C1 or more, and this can definitely be a good choice if you use her regularly as one of your main Pyro DPS or Support. Meanwhile, whether you buy Razor or not will all depend of your team comp. And if you already have him or not, and at what Constellation. You should get him if you need another Electro character. But I can’t make that choice for you.

However, before buying either Amber or Razor, you should first wait for the full reveal of the Childe and Rosaria banner. The Venti banner will end in a few days, so we should soon hear who are the two other 4* characters featured on the Childe banner alongside Rosaria. If Razor is on there, and you were planning to pull for Childe or Rosaria, it’s better to wait for that. Rather than buying him in the April 2021 Paimon Bargain Shop.

What about Royal Weapons in the Genshin Impact Bargain Shop?

When it comes to Royal Weapons though, I can give you a definite answer: Don’t ever buy these.

Royal Weapons’ Special Ability has them gaining CRIT rate whenever they hit enemies. An increase of 8%, 10%, 12%, 14% or 16%, depending on the refine level. With 5 stacks max. This sounds great at first, but the CRIT Rate stacks reset whenever you score a CRIT hit. Meaning it’s pretty much useless If you do the math and make some experiments, Royal weapons won’t bring you anything if you’re going for a CRIT build in the first place, with several Artifacts sub stats to match.

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In any case, you have 30 days to decide yourself. Before then we’ll know who are the two other 4* characters with a drop rate boost on the Childe banner. We’ll also have seen the Sneak Peek livestream for Genshin Impact Ver 1.5. Nothing guarantees miHoYo will release the same characters as in the 1.5 Beta too.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5 via backwards compatibility, PC, and mobile.

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