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Genshin Impact Player Finds Strategy to Make Breaking Free Easier

January 4, 2022

Tired of getting chain-frozen? Check out this Genshin Impact strategy that’ll make breaking free from ice and mage bubbles easier!

Genshin Impact is a game where time can become as much of an obstacle as the enemies themselves. With dungeons like Spiral or Frozen Abyss, players come across enemies that freeze their characters, costing precious time in dungeon runs.

After all, getting chain-frozen by the same enemy over and over slows down otherwise fast-paced battles, making dungeons more tedious than challenging. Thankfully, one player found an easier way to deal with the freeze status, saving both time and players’ keyboards with a simple trick.


This is mostly a strategy for players who play Genshin Impact on PC, using their mouse and keyboards. Due to the differing keybinding, players who use controllers handle their movement functions in different ways.

Previously, players would normally have to spam the Spacebar to free themselves from ice. However, Reddit user Homiyo found an easier method that actually mimics Genshin Impact‘s mobile controls. By pressing the Alt key on the keyboard, the following icon will appear onscreen:

Continuing to hold Alt, players can then repeatedly left-click the icon to break free. This completely eliminates the use of the space bar, so players can keep focused on mouse-controlled actions.

Even better, this strategy also works on Hydro Abyss mage bubbles as well. Overall, it makes it easier for players to move forward in battles and tackle their enemies quicker.

See the trick in action below:

Another user pointed out that this Genshin Impact strategy has the additional benefit of helping players with mobility issues. Keeping battle actions further centered on mouse functions streamlines player mobility and can make it easier to physically play the game. While this method is largely about increasing speed, it’s great that it eases gameplay for less-abled players as well.

Got any tips of your own to make battles easier? Let us know in the comments below!

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