Genshin Impact Radio Announced With Zhongli's Voice Actor & Schedule

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November 29, 2021

miHoYo announced on November 29 the launch of the Genshin Impact Teyvat Housou Kyoku (broadcast channel), a radio show with the characters’ voice actors including Zhongli.

In case you didn’t know, weekly radio shows with seiyuu (Japanese voice actresses and actors) are a very common thing. Nearly every single new anime gets its own radio show when it starts airing in Japan. Either on YouTube, Niconico, or through exclusive radio broadcasters such as Onsen Radio, A&G, or HiBiKi Radio Station.

In particular, pretty much every single gacha game has its own radio show, and I’m amazed it took over a year for miHoYo to launch one for Genshin Impact. I assume aligning the schedules of the game’s popular seiyuu was definitely not an easy feat.

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Genshin Impact Teyvat Broadcast Channel radio show schedule & voice actors guests

The Genshin Impact Teyvat Broadcast Channel radio show will be hosted by three seiyuu: Tomoaki Maeno (Zhongli) Aoi Koga (Paimon), and Shun Horie (Sora/Aether/male Traveler). Each three will rotate and host different episodes.

The first Genshin Impact radio episode will be released on November 30, 2021, at 5 AM EST / 2 AM PST / 10 AM GMT. Click here for additional time zones and a countdown. Future episodes will be released weekly every Tuesdays at the same time. The first episode will be hosted by Shun Horie and Aoi Koga.

The Genshin Impact radio show will be available on YouTube and on Onsen Radio.

Tomoaki Maeno commented on Twitter: “I’m one of the hosts of the official Genshin radio! I’ll do my best conveying the charm of Genshin, shield activated on top of my pillar. Look forward to it!”

What should you expect from the Genshin radio show?

First, don’t expect any kind of important news to be shared there. This kind of radio shows always has a news corner. But it’s just a roundup of what has already been announced. You shouldn’t worry about missing important information, it’ll mainly be banter, and chatting about the game in general.

Moreover, all of these radio shows are pre-recorded, and just like Japanese TV, it’s all scripted. If you’re not used to watching Japanese TV programs or listening to seiyuu radio, you’ll find it very cringe. Personally, I like it.

These types of radio programs are typically Japanese. Perhaps miHoYo will include English official subtitles on YouTube, but I wouldn’t count on it. And it’s highly unlikely miHoYo will launch a parallel English version with the English voice actors.

I’ll be sure to write a summary for the Genshin radio on a weekly basis so stay tuned on DualShockers. Live translating streams and radio shows is something I’ve always done so look forward to it.

Iyane Agossah

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