Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Kit - Did The Official Discord Accidentally Leak Baal's Weapon?

The official Genshin Impact Discord server might have accidentally leaked details of the kit for the Raiden Shogun

By Iyane Agossah

July 14, 2021

Soon after the Genshin Impact stream introducing Version 2.0, The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, the official Discord for the game updated its upcoming characters info channel with the first official kit details on the Raiden Shogun. However, a few days later, those details were nowhere to be seen.

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Version 2.0 “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Version 2.0 “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Kit – Did the official Discord accidentally leak the Electro Archon’s weapon?

The Paimon bot on the official Genshin Impact Discord has listed parts of the kit details for the Raiden Shogun. The bot listed her as a Sword character, and obviously also as an Electro character. Her rarity and Constellation weren’t listed, although it’s obvious she will be a five-star character.

As far as I know, this is the first time this particular Discord channel has removed information like that, so there seems to be something fishy going on.

There are two possibilities regarding why the information was deleted. Either it was erroneous, or it wasn’t supposed to be revealed yet and the discord server accidentally “leaked” the Raiden Shogun’s weapon type as Sword.

There’s also some talk on social media about how the moderators of the Genshin Impact official Discord were supposedly using unofficial information from the Wiki. However, I haven’t seen any concrete evidence to support those claims.

(Japanese dub of the 2.0 trailer )

Raiden Shogun weapon predictions

Personally speaking, I think we’re in an interesting situation as it’s fun to share Electro Archon weapon theories. It reminds me of discussions on whether Childe would use bows, twin daggers, some long-reach like weapons that include a halberd or a long sword, or all of them at the same time. Back when no one cared about Genshin Impact and we were making guesses based on his cutscene in the pre-release beta of mid-2020.

In my opinion, the Raiden Shogun will not be a Sword user. I don’t think miHoYo will do something predictable like this. My theory is that the sword she’s using in the Kazuha story trailer, or in the 2.0 trailer, is some kind of key item. Like some “Sacred Treasure” of Inazuma, especially seeing she gets it out of her own body. And I don’t believe it’s representative of the actual weapon type she’ll use gameplay-wise.

My bet is that the Electro Archon will be either a Catalyst or a Poelarm user. If she’s a Catalyst user, I expect miHoYo to make her gameplay very different from other Catalyst users, with some focus on close-range attacks. As for what a Polearm Electro Archon would be like, I think miHoYo will inspire itself from fighting styles paired with the Naginata (Japanese polearm weapon from feudal times, just google it). Moreover, Naginata is often paired with female characters.

In any case, we’ll probably know her kit details for sure by the end of 2021 as the Raiden Shogun should probably be playable in 2 or 3 versions of Genshin Impact. Version 2.0 with Inazuma will be launching on July 21, 2021. On PS4, PS5, PC, iOS, Android. You can also reach me on Twitter @A_iyane07 to share your own theories with me.

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