Genshin Impact Regions Update Roadmap Officially Revealed - miHoYo Plans to Release All Teyvat in 4 Years

miHoYo CEO Cai Haoyu revealed new release date estimates for the future regions of Genshin Impact

By Iyane Agossah

July 23, 2021

miHoYo was among the many game companies at the Game Developers Conference held from July 19 to 23, and as reported by Famitsu, a new roadmap for the release of the future regions of Teyvat in Genshin Impact was shared. I translated and summarized Famitsu’s report below.

Genshin Impact Teaser – “Kamisato Ayaka: The Homeward Heron”

Genshin Impact Teaser – “Kamisato Ayaka: The Homeward Heron”

Genshin Impact regions release roadmap – Summary of miHoYo’s conference at GDC 2021

Cai Haoyu presented at GDC 2021 a conference titled “Genshin Impact: Crafting an Anime Style Open World”. The co-founder and CEO of miHoYo shared new details about the open-world JRPG’s development and future plans.

At the conference, Cai Haoyu mainly focused on introducing the two core aspects of Genshin Impact: the characters, and the open world.

The first half focused on the development of the characters of Genshin Impact. Stressing out it’s the most important aspect of the game. Seeing its free-to-play gacha business model entirely depends on players puling new characters. Cai Haoyu took Xiao as a detailed example for his explanations.

The second part of the conference focused on how the open world is being developed. Near the end of the conference, Cai Haoyu explained that “new content is always in development, with many more updates to come.” Lastly, Cai Haoyu revealed how miHoYo “would like to have all seven regions of Teyvat released by the next four years”.

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What’s the final region in Genshin Impact and when is it releasing? Release date estimates

In the past, miHoYo already shared the order in which the regions of the continent of Teyvat will be released, in the Teyvat Story Chapter trailer. Judging from Cai Haoyu’s new comments, one region should be released per year. As such, the final region, Snezhnaya, was officially confirmed to release by 2025.

This is the potential Genshin Impact regions update roadmap now: Sumeru and the Dendro element are planned for 2022. Fontaine is coming in 2023. Natlan in 2024, and Snezhnaya in 2025.

Another way to interpret it is that Snezhnaya and the seven regions will be out before 2025. While it’ll take until 2025 to add all the special areas (like Dragonspine and The Chasm) located inside each of the regions.

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Personally speaking, this is exactly the estimate I’ve been sharing for a while now. Most notably when re-explaining the “12 years roadmap” rumor, which was misinterpreted by many as “the final region of Teyvat will release in 12 years”. If that rumor is true, it simply means that Genshin Impact will continue even after the seven regions are out. And this is what the existence of the “Teyvat Story Chapter” hints at in the first place. More story chapters will be released.

In any case, I’m quite excited to see this new Genshin roadmap. Inazuma is super fun to explore, and the new quests are really interesting. Though I barely got to play since Version 2.0 launched. Cross-save is incredibly useful too, as I can play without worrying about my PC turning into Phoenix Ikki this summer. I’m really looking forward to what miHoYo has in store for the game’s future.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android. A Switch version is also in development. Version 2.0, out on July 21, added the Inazuma region and plenty of new content. Version 2.1 should be releasing on September 1.

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