Genshin Impact Rosaria Cosplay From Japan Will Entice You To Pull on Childe Banner

March 31, 2021

Genshin Impact will, in a week from now, add the Childe banner rerun which will introduce Rosaria, and while she’s a 4* star character, Rosaria has one of the coolest designs miHoYo put out so far, so naturally, players in Japan have started sharing cosplay, with a first rendition by talented cosplayer Hakoneko.


Genshin Impact Rosaria Cosplay – Who is the cosplayer?

Hakoneko (箱ネコ on Twitter) is an abroad student learning manga in Japan and a cosplayer. As a huge otaku and Genshin player, Hakoneko already did cosplay of nearly every Genshin Impact female character before Rosaria. Including the female Traveler, Amber, Fischl, Klee Mona, Keqing, or Ganyu.


Overall, Hakoneko focuses on many different types of characters and franchises more or less popular. Including Vocaloid / Hatsune Miku, Azur Lane, or Evangelion. Either with a kawaii or cool style.

Hakoneko also has a separate Twitter account for her artwork, @hakonekonya where you can find her Doujin Circle and Pixiv info.

Lastly, unlike the majority of female cosplayers in Japan, who tend to cosplay both male and female characters, Hakoneko focuses on female characters.

As a side note, Hakoneko included the tag #宅コス which means “cosplaying at home”. This is how cosplayers in Japan keep spreading their love of characters and otaku things during Covid-19. Hakoneko also noted how “Rosaria’s outfit sure is something…”.

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How to show your appreciation to Japanese cosplayers

You like Genshin Impact and you like Hakoneko’s Rosaria cosplay? Needless to say, the first thing is to give her a follow. Hakoneko is not a heavy Twitter user, so be sure to give her a follow as you don’t risk flooding your timelines.

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Next, I’ve got some Japanese Twitter common sense rules for you. Whether you plan to interact with cosplayers, artists, or Japanese fans in general.

First, keep in mind most Japanese Twitter users don’t speak English and won’t necessarily understand you.

In particular, if you decide to react to an artist or cosplayer’s work with memes, avoid using memes that could be easily misunderstood. Such as “delete this” “I see myself in this fanart and hate it” etc, as these could be taken seriously with the language barrier.

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Last but not least, don’t quote retweet people. It’s not necessarily always the case, but some Japanese Twitter users tend to consider quote retweets are automatically rude or some kind of bad mouthing. Especially if it’s done in a foreign language they don’t speak.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile.

Iyane Agossah

Living near Paris, Iyane (He/Him) is the head of Japanese content at DualShockers. He speaks Japanese, has been loving anime and Japanese games for over 25 years and plays Genshin Impact for its story and exploration. You can reach him on Twitter at @A_iyane07.

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