Genshin Impact Rosaria Leaks Explained - Why We Should Wait And See

Explaining how the Rosaria leaks and datamined content for Genshin Impact works and why you should always take it with a grain of salt.

February 16, 2021

Genshin Impact, during the Dragonspine event, introduced a brand new character called Rosaria, and she’s been the talks of several leaks and datamining for months now. However, there are several points we should keep in mind regarding Genshin Impact leaks, especially when related to currently unplayable characters like Rosaria.

Who is Rosaria in Genshin Impact?

Rosaria is a sister of the Favonius Church in Mondstadt. However, Rosaria doesn’t act with the other nuns. According to Barbara, who is pretty much the church’s boss, Rosaria believes in the Anemo archon Barbatos, but never prays.

miHoYo first revealed a screenshot of Rosaria during the Version 1.2 reveal stream. She was later formally introduced, with her name and seiyuu, by the Japanese official Genshin Twitter account.

In the Japanese dub, Rosaria is voiced by Ai Kakuma, a pretty popular seiyuu. Her biggest role recently is Edelgard in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Ai Kakuma also voices Ion in Surge Concerto, Isuzu Sento in Amagi Brilliant Park, Sora Ikushima in Tokyo Xanadu, and Rami Amasaki in Super Robot Wars T. She’s also the current voice of Yuri Sakazaki in SNK’s KOF series.

When Will Rosaria Become Playable In Genshin Impact?

There are several characters appearing in Genshin Impact who aren’t obtainable through the gacha yet. La Signora and Scaramouche are both good examples. While they’re antagonists and part of the Harbingers, Childe, another Harbinger, did get a gacha banner. As such, the other Harbingers could definitely be playable one day.

Rosaria is not an antagonist, so while she only made an appearance during the Dragonspine event, it’s even more likely she will be playable someday.

However, we can’t be sure of when for several reasons. Because there’s no guarantee the leaked content will be the same in the final game.

Closed Beta Tests of Future Genshin Impact Versions and NDA

Right now, miHoYo is holding private Closed Beta Tests for future Genshin Impact versions and content. miHoYo recruits players for these tests on the official Genshin Impact Discord. Moreover, miHoYo makes any player who participates in the Closed Beta Test sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

The NDA means it’s illegal to share screenshots or any information from the Beta Test. Leaks come either from these tests, or from datamined content. And miHoYo has been taking legal measures against both.

What’s important to note is that everything included in these Beta Tests is still under development. This is the same for datamined content. It’s all subject to change. Needless to say, it’s unlikely a character’s Vision and Weapon type will be changed mid-development. However, their Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst, Talents, Constellation, and overall stats will definitely be changing. Same with the details of their gacha banner and their release dates.

There’s absolutely no guarantee information from the tests or datamined content will turn out the same in the official game. It’s a different matter than leaks such as the story behind the possible Genshin Impact daily Resin pass.

One good example is how Ayaka and Xiao were both playable in one of the pre release Closed Beta Tests of Genshin Impact. Back then, miHoYo allowed anyone to share screenshots and gameplay of the tests, so you can easily find gameplay with Ayaka and Xiao. And yet, despite these tests being held before release, Ayaka still isn’t playable. And Xiao was only added on February 3, months later.

Another point to note is how leaks can sometimes be leaked by Chinese players. In the past, before the launch of Version 1.1, plenty of misinformation was being passed by, due to mistranslated leaks.

Datamined content should be taken with a grain of salt as well as it’s even more fickle. Datamined content usually wasn’t even implemented in a Closed Beta Test yet, and is even more likely to change.

Characters can even change after release depending on fan feedback. Like what happened with Zhongli’s buff. Note though it’s seen as taboo in games with gacha elements to nerf characters post release. So we should be expecting buffs for any changes happening  to a character after they were officially released.

Genshin Impact and the Hu Tao Leaks

The final and biggest example why we should always look at the broad picture when it comes to Genshin Impact leaks. In case you missed it, a certain character called Hu Tao was leaked as playable for 1.3. Hu Tao’s existence isn’t a secret. Several characters mention her ingame already. You can learn a lot about Hu Tao by raising the Friendship levels of Liyue Harbor characters such as Qiqi or Xiangling. The leaks pointed at Hu Tao being added to the game together with Xiao at the release of Version 1.3, All That Glitters.

In the end, though, a Hu Tao gacha banner did not happen, and following Xiao, we’ll be getting a banner for Keqing.

That’s all regarding Genshin Impact leaks, Rosaria, and unreleased characters. And remember, you’ll always be better off not spending your money on the gacha. Especially if you’re basing yourself on leaks to decide who to pull for.

In an interview with DualShockers, miHoYo previously teased Inazuma is the next of the seven regions of Teyvat to be added to the game. The region was later confirmed ingame to be the next destination as well. We don’t know when it’ll be added, however. Future regions and characters have also been revealed.

miHoYo recently gifted its employees a mountain of hardware on top of bonuses, following the game’s success. Lastly, be sure to read all the dates and times for the ongoing Lantern Rite Festival events.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Mobile. A Switch version was announced.

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