Genshin Impact Slime Paradise – Don’t Miss This Sneaky Web Event Ongoing Till January 31

Genshin Impact Slime Paradise – Don’t Miss This Sneaky Web Event Ongoing Till January 31

Get free Primogems, Mora and materials in Genshin Impact through the browser event Slime Paradise. Which also includes incredibly cute illustrations.

Slime Paradise is the newest Web Event ongoing for Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch TBA). Slime Paradise, which lasts until January 31, 2021, can only be accessed through your browser, and is not an in-game event. Long story short, Slime Paradise is a very simple monster raising game. You login each day, get rewards, click on a few things, unlock cute pictures, and log out. Doing so, you’ll unlock several rewards.

First off, you can access the Genshin Impact Slime Paradise event here. Note that the game’s BGM is incredibly loud, and it might be the sole design misstep miHoYo did with this small and cute game. Make sure to lower your volume before accessing the site. This is honestly the biggest and sole piece of advice you need for Slime Paradise. Everything else is extremely simple and explained through text when you first login. Moreover, miHoYo published an official guide.

As you log in, be sure to select the server you’re usually playing Genshin Impact on.

There are two currencies in Slime Paradise. First are tickets. Each day as you log in, you’ll have slimes and hillchurls either visiting or moving in. If they visit, it means they’ll be gone the next day. If they move in, they’re here permanently. You earn a certain amount of tickets each day depending on the decorations in your park, and the number of slimes who moved in. You can exchange tickets for in-game rewards.

The other currency in Slime Paradise is gold, used to buy decorations to bring in more slimes. There are various tasks you can complete each day to earn gold coins or tickets. Such as logging in into Genshin Impact itself, or accessing the Hoyolab forums.

The most interesting reward exchangeable with the tickets are Primogems. You can get 3 packs of 60 Primogems for 2000 tickets each. For a total of 180 Primogems. Slime Paradise is a time limited event ending on January 31, but one should have enough time to redeem all the Primogems by starting now.


Personally, I think Genshin Impact isn’t a gacha game but a true JRPG, with Gacha elements. You will have a great time even if you completely ignore the Gacha system. With that said, each character is very charismatic. So when you really want to pull on a gacha banner, it’s best to slowly save up Primogems through these events. You’ll miss out on some time-limited  characters but it’s better than actually spending money to roll the gacha. This is only speculation, but I wouldn’t say it’s impossible for past banners to return one day either.

miHoYo revealed on January 22 the first official details on Genshin Impact 1.3 and the addition of Xiao. You can read our summary of the live stream here. miHoYo should soon publish the Version 1.3 adjustments – which will buff Geo characters such as Zhongli. Version 1.3 launches February 3.

The newest character in Genshin Impact right now is “Plenilune Gaze” Ganyu . Be sure to check our quick guide on how to build her. The Ganyu gacha banner lasts till February 2, 2021.