Genshin Impact Speech and Etiquette - How to Clear The Eula Story Quest Aristocratic Training

Genshin Impact - How to Clear Eula's Story Quest

By Iyane Agossah

May 19, 2021

Genshin Impact has just released its brand new 5* Cryo and Claymore character, Eula, alongside her Story Quest – most notably, the obstacle course and Aristocratic Training parts of the Speech and Etiquette subquest might give some players trouble. Here are some hints to help.

New Character Demo – “Eula: Flickering Candlelight” | Genshin Impact

New Character Demo – “Eula: Flickering Candlelight” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact – How to Clear Speech and Etiquette in the Eula Story Quest

As you follow Eula to Dragonspine, in order to train in the way of the aristocrat, she explains you need to stay composed even during battle situations. Gameplay wise, you’ll need to cross an obstacle course without getting launched, while getting to three checkpoints.

In other words, you need to avoid all the vines, air balloons, and launching attacks from the enemies. The easiest way to clear the course is by using Noelle and her E / Elemental Skill to conjure her shield. When protected by a shield, vines, launch attacks, explosions, or the air balloons will not launch your character.

Noelle is a free character, so if you’ve raised her, you’ll have no trouble clearing Speech and Etiquette. Needless to say, if you own another character who can conjure a shield through their E like Zhongli, it’ll be even easier. Get a shield up, ignore the enemies, and just dash to the checkpoints.

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How to complete the Aristocratic Etiquette Training

The second challenge will be defending a monolith, while avoiding getting launched or frozen.

For the monolith defense challenge, you can keep the same strategy of using Noelle’s shield. I also recommend Pyro characters to melt the Ice Slimes’ armors, and long-ranged characters like Amber. That way, you won’t risk getting Frozen by the Hydro Slimes. Lastly, don’t use characters that apply Wet status to themselves like Mona or Xingqiu.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know for the Eula Story Quest. Any other tips or instructions, the game directly tells you; And there’s nothing particularly difficult about the quest.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, PC, iOS, and Android. miHoYo is reportedly struggling with the upcoming Switch version.

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