Genshin Impact Tester Reportedly Fined Over $70K for Breaking NDA

Salt, and betrayal - A Genshin Impact Tester was reportedly fined after a friend leaked their gameplay

January 6, 2022

miHoYo just started the Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Private Beta Test, and a player was reportedly fined for sharing gameplay. Here’s what happened.

As you already know, all players participating in the Genshin Impact Private Beta Test must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. or NDA. miHoYo strictly forbids players from sharing any kind of information from the Beta Test. This includes impressions, screenshots, or gameplay.

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Genshin Impact | The Divine Damsel of Devastation

Genshin Impact | The Divine Damsel of Devastation

Genshin Impact Beta Tester Reportedly fined for leaking Version 2.5 gameplay

A Chinese Genshin Impact Beta Tester in Version 2.5 was reportedly banned and fined over $78,000 for leaking gameplay. The story was first shared on Chinese social media and translated on Reddit by LOF_stayClassy. Lastly, Genshin Impact influencer account @SaveYourPrimos shared it on Twitter. SYP also theorized this might be the story behind the new Weekly Boss gameplay leak.

According to the translated messages, the Genshin Impact Beta player gave a friend a recording of their gameplay. That friend ended up leaking the video to the public.

Genshin Impact Beta Test leaks explained

Seeing the risk of leaking gameplay and Beta Test content, most of the Beta Test leaks actually aren’t from Beta players who signed an NDA. At least, they’re rarely the primary source. Most of the leaks are first shared by data miners and leakers, who didn’t sign an NDA. And who can access the Beta client or data one way or another.

For instance, veteran Genshin Impact players remember how the Version 1.5 Beta client was publicly leaked.

How miHoYo manages to find Beta Test leakers

miHoYo has several ways to catch leakers as well, like tracking number data or inputs. miHoYo records anything any player does in-game. This is no secret. Some of you might remember the Teyvat Times. In the past, miHoYo regularly published data like: “how many Apples were picked up this week”. “How many players drowned”. Etc.

Players have access to their own Spiral Abyss history too. And the archive displays damage numbers. It’s clear miHoYo records this data. As a result, any leak is easily traceable by miHoYo. Especially if the leaks show data like damage numbers.

Long story short, if you ever sign an NDA, do not break it. If you ever enter the Genshin Impact Private Beta Test, do not share anything even with the people you trust the most.

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