Genshin Impact Version 1.1 Update Expected to Launch November 11

miHoYo revealed the first update roadmap schedule for Genshin Impact, announcing the first update, version 1.1, is expected to launch November 11.

By Iyane Agossah

October 9, 2020

miHoYo announced through its official miHoYo Bilibili the future update schedule for Genshin Impact, available now on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android. Genshin Impact will receive its first update, version 1.1, on November 11. The second update, Version 1.2, will be on December 23. The third update, version 1.3 is planned for February 2021. Update: The Japanese Genshin Impact Twitter  confirmed the same dates for the updates on Global Server.

Here are the details of the Genshin Impact future update schedule:

Genshin Impact version 1.1 launches November 11, adding a new event titled Unreconciled Stars. Version 1.2 expected on December 23, will add the Dragonspine area and its related event. Version 1.3 planned for February 2021 will add the Lantern Rite event series in Liyue.

miHoYo explained these events and similar future events in Genshin Impact will be themed on the culture of the seven in-game regions. For example, we’ll get to see the festival celebrating the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, in Mondstadt: the Ludi Harpastum and the Windbloom Festival. And the Lantern Rite and the Moonchase Festival in Liyue.

miHoyo also explained the development of future Genshin Impact updates is going smoothly. Moreover, new updates will release every 6 weeks. Most of the time on Wednesdays. miHoYo will publish the specific launch time for each update when we get closer to each date.

There you have it. The first content update for Genshin Impact is scheduled to release on November 11. There’s already a lot in the game right now to keep you occupied, unless you’re rushing. Many day one players who regularly enjoy the game will already be very high level and highly stuffed by then though. It’ll be interesting to see how miHoYo balances Genshin Impact hereafter. Whether story content difficulty will scale with players’ World Level or not.

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The Lantern Rite Festival in Liyue:

miHoYo previously told DualShockers the next of the seven regions of Teyvat to be added to the game is Inazuma. As you noticed, none of these three future updates will add Inazuma. Meaning the Inazuma update should happen after February 2021. Dragonspine, the snowy mountains at the south of Mondstadt, isn’t part of the seven regions.

The order in which the other regions of Genshin Impact will be added was teased as well. The game is also close to 20 million downloads on mobile alone. Rie Tanaka, the seiyuu who voices Lisa, is also regularly streaming the game.

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