Genshin Impact Version 1.2 The Chalk Prince And The Dragon - Stream Summary

Dragonspine will let you obtain new four star weapons directly or through blueprints to forge, instead of having to roll the gacha. New Artifacts for Cryo and Hydro.

December 11, 2020

miHoYo held on Bilibili the Version 1.2 stream of Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch soon). Version 1.2, officially titled The Chalk Prince And The Dragon, will add several elements to the Action RPG. Most notably Ganyu and Albedo as new playable characters, alongside the Dragonspine area. Several events, new weapons, and Artifacts, were unveiled as well. All the details are included below, alongside the Version 1.2 trailer and gameplay sequences.

Genshin Impact Version 1.2 The Chalk Prince And The Dragon Trailer (Japanese)

English dub, Korean dub. English Stream.

In the trailer, we learned Albedo is investigating the remains of Durin in Dragonspine. Durin is an evil dragon which Dvalin (Stormterror) fought in the past, and a creature already mentioned in-game.

Albedo is a five star Geo character and uses one-handed swords.

In Japanese, Albedo is voiced by Kenji Nojima. A veteran seiyuu mainly known recently for voicing Natsuya in Free, and Ginoza in Psycho-Pass. Albedo will be the first character to release, soon after the launch of Version 1.2. Albedo is currently mentioned in multiple dialogues and locations in-game. However, this is the first time we got to see him. Albedo is also known as the Kreideprinz, and he’s the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius. As such, the timid and cute meganekko Sucrose is his subordinate. Albedo is incredibly cool and you’ll definitively feel like marrying him if you’re an otaku.

In English, Albedo is voiced by Khoi Dao. His Elemental Skill summons a flower which he can use like an elevator.

Ganyu is a five star Cryo character using bows.

In Japanese, Ganyu’s name is pronounced Kanu, and she’s voiced by Reina Ueda, a seiyuu known for voicing Ajimi in PriPara, one of the most original characters there is. Ganyu will be launching in mid-January 2021. Ganyu already appeared in the Liyue main story chapter, since at least the third Closed Beta Test. In English, she’s voiced by Jennifer Losi.

Marvel's Avengers | Holiday Content Trailer

The main appeal of Ganyu as a bow user is how she has multiple charge levels for her Precise Shot bow attack. With different effects for each charge level. Ganyu is half Adeptus, and several thousand years old. Ganyu has a very strong personality when acting as a messenger for the Liyue Qixing, but becomes very meek on her days off. She is ultra cute and has great gap moe potential. You’ll definitely want to marry her if you’re an otaku. And especially, if you’re an Higurashi longtime fan, you’ll be able to her horns, similarly to Hanyu.

New screenshots and details for Dragonspine:

Firstly, we have some screenshots showing part of the snowing mountain fields of Dragonspine:

Secondly, we have screenshots of the new enemies appearing in Dragonspine:

New game system introduced in Dragonspine: Subzero Climate.

In Dragonspine, a new gauge represents your weakness to cold. When it’s full, your characters’ HP will decrease rapidly. Multiple Gadget items will get disabled in this cold climate. Certain environments and actions you take will increase the rising speed of the cold gauge. You’ll need to prepare items that can provide you with a heat source to counter the cold. There are sources of heat in Dragonspine itself too, such as torches. You’ll have to move from one source of heat to another while exploring.

Additional Dragonspine field screenshots:

Excerpt of a scene from the Albedo story quest, and how story dialogues now have an auto function. Albedo’s character story quest is a prequel to the new Dragonspine event’s story:

New story quest screenshots. Most notably, the first screenshot teases a new character:

Her name is Rosaria and she’s a nun in the Favonius church.

Genshin Impact Version 1.2 new event: The Chalk Prince And The Dragon

This event will be in four phases. We’ll be able to obtain and exchange three different types of Essence for rewards.

New weapons obtainable through the event and exploration, not gacha:

The first weapon, the one-handed sword Festering Desire, can be obtained and fully refined in the Chalk Prince And The Dragon event. The other three can be obtained by exploring Dragonspine. You can either obtain the weapons directly if you’re lucky, or obtain blueprints to forge them.

Additional details from the English stream:

New artifacts sets coming in Version 1.2:

First Artifact set details, Blizzard Strayer – Two set:  Cryo damage + 15%. Four set: + 20% Critical Hit Rate when attacking an enemy affected by Cryo, and an additional +20% Critical Hit Rate if the enemy is Frozen.

Second Artifact set details, Heart of Depth – Two set: Hydro damage +15 %. Four set: +30% damage for Normal Attack and Charged Attack for 15 seconds after activating an Elemental Skill.

These Artifacts will be available in a new Domain in Dragonspine.

The stream revealed gameplay for three more events of Version 1.2:

The first event, Hypostatic Symphony, will include boss fights against more powerful versions of the cubes. You’ll be able to set the difficulty and challenges for higher rewards.

The second event, Lost Riches, consists of looking for hidden treasure using a treasure-seeking Seelie. Moreover, we’ll be able to exchange the treasures found for rewards. The final reward will let you keep the treasure-seeking Seelie permanently as a decoration.

Lastly, the third event, Marvelous Merchandise, is a comeback of the daily trade merchant guy. This time too we’ll have to exchange specific items with him for rewards. What’s new here is how you’ll be able to find him in other people’s worlds, and he’ll have different deals.

Additional gameplay changes.

The first one from top left explains the new friend chat feature: we can give nicknames to players in our friend list. And we can directly chat with them.

Top right is an update to Photo Mode. Most notably, we can change the characters’ facial expressions now. A new item will also let you take a photo at anytime by pressing the corresponding key/button.

Bottom left explains the Domains update. Rewards will now be added directly to our inventory, with a window opening to confirm the rewards. Plus, we’ll be able to restart Domains without loadings.

Bottom right explains how we’ll get one Acquaint Fate for Ascension levels one, three, and five. And how we can now confirm the necessary materials for any Ascension level.

Gameplay showcasing the four new game features explained above:

Lastly, here are Primogems and items codes. These will be usable until December 12 at 1300 JST. (Click here for a time zone table).

Genshin Impact Version 1.2 The Chalk Prince And The Dragon is scheduled to launch on December 23. miHoYo also teased Zhongli will get buffed in Version 1.3 coming in February 2021. Furthermore, miHoYo previously told DualShockers the next region to be added in the game at some point will be Inazuma.

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