Genshin Impact - Where To Look For Teppei

Here's everything you need to know about him.

By Manisha Priyadarshini

September 2, 2021

The new Genshin Impact update has brought several new quests that require you to do all sorts of things. One such quest is “Those who yearn for God’s gaze” which requires you to look for an NPC called Teppei.

So in this article, we shall discuss where to look for Teppei in Genshin Impact. We shall also explore the lore behind this character which despite its short-termed appearance has become a loved character among players. So let’s get started!

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Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer

Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer

How To Find Teppei In Genshin Impact

Teppei is an NPC who has appeared in the Archon Quests Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow, and Omnipresence Over Mortals. Unfortunately, he is dying due to a mysterious reason which we shall explain in detail later.

So players need to look for Teppei and converse with him before that happens. In order to find Teppei, you will have to head towards the Bourou Village and look around the houses there to spot him.

You will also come across other NPCs apart from him but keep on looking until you find him. He will be found sitting on the porch outside a house.

There you need to converse with him in order to complete the task. Doing so will reveal the reason why he is dying.

The story behind Teppei’s Death

As a member of the Sangonomiya Resistance, Teppei fought several battles against the Raiden Shogun’s oppressive rule. During one such battle, he comes across a mysterious weapon of unknown origins that doesn’t require Vision but relies on Delusion to work.

The difference between Vision and Delusion is that the latter drains the life force of the user to work. But Teppei was unaware of this fact and hence he dies of old age due to his accelerated aging as the side effect of a Delusion.

Teppei Genshin Impact Voice Actor

The English voice actor for Teppei is Christian La Monte and Masaya Onosaka is the Japanese voice.

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