Genshin Impact - When's the Zhongli Banner Ending? Should You Pull or Wait for Eula?

Genshin Impact - Zhongli or Eula?

We have only a few days left before the end of the Zhongli banner rerun in Genshin Impact, and it’ll be followed by the banner of a brand new 5* Cryo and Claymore character, Eula, also fan-nicknamed End User License Agreement – should you pull Zhongli or wait for Eula?

Version 1.5 “Beneath the Light of Jadeite” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Version 1.5 “Beneath the Light of Jadeite” Trailer | Genshin Impact
  • EULA – Banner release date, ascension materials for the new character

Genshin Impact – When is the Zhongli banner ending?

The Zhongli banner will be ending on May 18 at 5:59 PM ET if you’re on the American server, and at 17:59 GMT if you’re on the Euro server.

This is a banner rerun and the second time it’s possible to get Zhongli. Meaning it’ll take several months until his banner comes back. If you really want Zhongli, now’s the time.

Should you pull Zhongli or wait for Eula?

Zhongli, ever since the controversy which granted him and Geo characters a huge buff, is objectively one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact. If you’ve read my past guides, I often mention how I believe it’s pointless to make Genshin Impact character tierlist. As ultimately it all goes down to your Artifacts and their substats. Even so, Zhongli is incredibly strong.

Moreover, you could make a tier list based on how easy it is to optimize the Artifacts for a specific character. And Zhongli would definitely be among the top characters. With the release of the Tenacity of the Millelith artifacts set. Depending on how you build Zhongli, especially if you focus on his Max HP, getting Tenacity Artifacts with good substats shouldn’t take too long.

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Zhongli or Eula for the Spiral Abyss?

Zhongli is also a huge help for Floor 11 and 12 of the Spiral Abyss. Having a well built Zhongli on your team, even at C0, makes the Spiral Abyss much either overall.

Meanwhile, Eula is a Physical DMG DPS based character, so she’ll definitely have an advantage for the current Spiral Abyss that favors Phys builds. But Zhongli’s advantages overtakes Eula’s.

At the end of the day though, rather than worrying about tier lists and the meta, I’d suggest being an otaku and simply pulling the character you like the most. If you want to play with a tall and cool guy, go for Zhongli. If you like tall and cool girls, go for Eula. Simple as that.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, PC, iOS and Android. The game is currently on Ver 1.5, which adds Yanfei and Eula. Ver 1.6 should be launching on June 9, 2021.

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