Genshin Impact – Additional Buff Coming For Zhongli Following Version 1.3 Closed Beta Test

Genshin Impact – Additional Buff Coming For Zhongli Following Version 1.3 Closed Beta Test

miHoYo published another buff and adjustments for Zhongli as the private Closed Beta Test for Genshin Impact Version 1.3 is ongoing.

Using data obtained through the ongoing private Closed Beta Test, and with additional feedback from players, miHoYo announced another buff for Zhongli in Version 1.3 of Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch TBD). This is in addition to the previously published buff and adjustments for Zhongli and all Geo characters in Genshin Impact.

Note that all of the following is still subject to change

First, miHoYo explained it considers the following points as issues regarding Zhongli:

1/ Zhongli as a support character is relatively weak compared to other characters built as support in co-op.

2/ When using a party built around Geo Resonance effects, the support provided by Zhongli is less pronounced than the ones provided by other Geo characters (Noelle), even though he’s a five star character.

3/ When playing Solo, Zhongli isn’t very compatible in any party setup unless your party is built around Geo Elemental Resonance effects.

As such, miHoYo is adding new changes to solve these three points.

Zhongli’s Elemental Skill “Dominus Lapidis” (Hold) will now have a debuff effect:

Now, when a character is protected by Zhongli’s Jade Shield, opponents within a set radius will have a Elemental RES and Physical RES 20% debuff. The debuff can’t be stacked.

Zhongli Jade Shield debuff

Players can easily notice when the effect activates as enemies have the downside arrows debuff effect around them.


Gif 1 is after the change, gif 2 is before. That’s the gist of it for the new Zhongli buf in Genshin Impact.

Further adjustments and changes are still coming. miHoYo will detail the final, set in stone adjustments before Version 1.3 launches, sometime in February 2021.

Personally speaking, I’m happy Zhongli will ultimately get much stronger. However, I find it worrying that this will only make him into yet another DPS character.I’d like the game to add content that’d make us think about something else than how to do damage fast.

Genshin Impact is currently holding a special event in Dragonspine, the new area added with Version 1.2. The area is incredibly well-designed and it’s very promising for future areas and regions in the game. I personally can’t wait to explore Inazuma. The Albedo gacha banner is still ongoing as well. The event also features new character Rosaria, with Ai Kakuma as her seiyuu.