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Genshin Impact: Zhongli Gacha Banner, Drop Rate Boost Characters Guide

Never spend cash to roll in a gacha game, except maybe for Zhongli in Genshin Impact, whose banner Gentry of Hermitage is launching December 1.

November 29, 2020

miHoYo announced the fourth limited gacha banner in Genshin Impact (PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch soon), with Zhongli as the featured character. Saying more about Zhongli would be spoilers. Genshin has an incredibly fun story so far and I sure hope you guys aren’t skipping the dialogues in 2020. In the best dub, Zhongli (pronounced Shouri in Japanese and called “Shouri Sensei”) is voiced by Tomoaki Maeno, who most notably voices Hiro Hayami in Pretty Rhythm, the best anime of the past decade. Maeno also voices Ash Carbide in the Kiseki / Trails series. Needless to say, I highly respect the work of Keith Silverstein and of all the English cast as well. Yes, this guide wasn’t written by a robot, and includes opinions. Be warned.

“Vago Mundo” Zhongli is a five star Geo user, and a Polearm user. His Elemental Burst most notably lets him petrify enemies.

The Zhongli banner in Genshin Impact, Gentry of Hermitage, will begin on December 1, 18:00 (server time). The banner will last till December 22, at 14:59:59 (server time).

First, the pity counter transfers from one Limited banner to another. Secondly, the pity counter limit is still 90. At your 90th pull, you’ll get a guaranteed 5 star, with a 50% chance to get the feature character. If you don’t get them, next time you reach your 90th pull, it’s guaranteed to be the feature character. This also carries over. For example, if you reached your 90th pull on the Childe banner. But didn’t get Childe. You are guaranteed to get Zhongli on your next 90th pull.

Talents Guide For Zhongli

miHoYo published official visual guides depicting Zhongli’s skills. Zhongli’s Elemental Skill is Dominus Lapidis. With a tap, it summons a Stone Stele. Can be climbed and used to block attacks. It deals AoE Geo DMG, and also resonates with other Geo constructs. Additionally dealing more Geo DMG.

When charged, Dominus Lapidis creates a shield, with DMG Absorption scaling with Zhongli’s max HP. Moreover, it absorbs Geo DMG 250% more, and deals AoE Geo DMG on trigger.

Marvel's Avengers | Holiday Content Trailer

Regarding Zhongli’s Elemental Burst, there’s been some controversy following Ver 1.2 leaks. Personally, I believe you should wait and see until Zhongli is actually in the game instead of making assumptions. There’s zero guarantee what was leaked is what will be in the main game. Especially seeing miHoYo’s reaction.

Other Characters On The Banner:

As usual, three four star characters also have a drop rate boost. This time, it’s “Blazing Riff” Xinyan (Pyro, Claymore). “Frozen Ardor” Chongyun (Cryo, Claymore). And “Wolf Boy” Razor (Electro, Claymore).

Xinyan is a brand new character, and we detailed her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

How to Get Zhongli

Genshin Impact is a gacha, so there’s no method to it. It’s entirely luck, unless you have enough Primogems to hit the pity counter.

You should have stacked a lot of Primogems if you were waiting for Zhongli and didn’t pull on the Childe banner at all. The Unreconciled Stars event helped to get some Primos as well.  Moreover, I wouldn’t recommend aiming for duplicates for Constellations. Getting Zhongli more than once would require you to be incredibly lucky. Or to be whaling harder than Japanese fishers violating international law.

A new weapon banner, Epitome Invocation, will be launching too on December 1, 1800 (server times):

Exclusive 5-star weapons Vortex Vanquisher (Polearm) and The Unforged (Claymore) have a drop boost on it. As usual, I definitely wouldn’t recommend pulling on the weapon banner. Getting new characters is way more fun. If you pull, there’s a change you’ll pull the 5 star weapon type you didn’t want. It’s too dangerous. Moreover, rather than getting 5 star weapons, I’d recommend focusing your efforts on getting Artifacts with good substats. It’s your choice though. You can definitely see no issue pulling like crazy if  you’re loaded like a Saudi Prince. No wonder he’s buying SNK.when he’s eliminating his criticizers faster than Geese would back at South Town.

The first part of Zhongli’s character quest will be coming as well: Historia Antiqua:

Genshin Impact Zhongli Collected Miscellany Gameplay Explanation Trailer

At the end of the day, don’t forget Genshin is a game and about having fun. Ultimately, you should be making your own decisions for your own enjoyment. Instead of purely listening SEO driven guides like this one, streamers and VTubers.

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