Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope Reveals New Details on Fuuka, Comments from Ryukishi07

Staff and cast comments on Fuuka Gojo, one of the heroines in 07th Expansion's upcoming horror game Kaleidoscope of Phantasm Prison.

August 26, 2019

Entergram announced the official site for Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope will be updated each week. Each time, new information on one of the game’s four heroines will be revealed. This includes new artwork, voice samples, and comments from the staff and cast.

This time, we’re taking a look on Fuuka Gojo, voiced by Himika Akaneya. We got to see more of Fuuka’s artwork including her horror faces and hear some voice samples. Two of them are fairly normal, while the other two has her acting violent. In the third one, she most notably tells someone to “stop with the disgusting naive girl act”.

Next, we’ve got new comments from scenarist Ryukishi07, character designer Itaru Hinoue, and Fuuka’s seiyuu Himika Akaneya.

Ryukishi07’s comments on Fuuka:

I’ve given Fuuka all the attributes of a perfect heroine. The most endearing part about her is how she always tries to be perfect. For example, Fuuka never joins Karin and co’s discussions on anime, etc. She acts as if she already graduated and as if she’s older than them, reading poetry while sitting next to the window. The truth is, she’s only pretending to read those books. Fuuka listens to Karin and co chatting, and wishes she could join them.

Itaru Hinoue’s comments on Fuuka:

Fuuka’s hairstyle is a half-up, but if you look at her from behind, it becomes a half-twin! It’s super cute right (brags). Fuuka has a standard heroine design, so I included that to give her an unique feel.

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Himika Akaneya’s comments:

Please tell us your impressions about the game:

I worked with Ryukishi07 sensei in the past on a stage play, so I was extremely happy to work with him again as a seiyuu. To say it bluntly, I really wish I could read his mind (laughs). I’m always surprised at how deep the messages in his works are. There are a lot of deep and thoughtful things in this one too, so my brain had a lot of fun (laughs).

Please tell us your impressions about voicing Fuuka and what we should look forward to in the game:

I usually don’t get to do these kinds of roles and go all-out like that, so it was a really fulfilling experience. Of course there’s the fact that I voiced Fuuka in itself, but there’s also something broader I felt when working on the game. I spent a lot of time thinking about human emotions. Each one of us have prejudices, a foundation we base our thoughts and emotions on. These deep emotions are rarely displayed, but this game bares it all and allowed me to bring it all out in my acting.

Himika Akaneya is well known in Japan for voicing Laala, the main character of PriPara, an idol franchise part of a bigger franchise called Pretty Series. As she mentions, she also acted Rose, the main character of Ryukishi07’s Rose Guns Days, in its stage play adaptation.

Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope was revealed in early August. You can read the first staff and cast comments and check the game’s first opening movie in a previous article We also translated in a follow-up article all of the characters’ profiles, how the game works, and more staff and cast comments.

New staff and cast comments for another heroine will be revealed when Gerokasu‘s official site gets updated again this week.

Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope launches on PS Vita, PS4 and Switch on November 28 in Japan. Seeing the huge names on the game, Ryukishi07 and Itaru Hinoue, it’s highly likely it’ll get localized in the west. I don’t think the PS Vita version will make it though.

Another new game by Ryukishi07, Ciconia When They Cry Episode 1, is launching on PC on October 4. A new version of Umineko containing a new episode also launches the same day. Ciconia Episode 1 is supposed to launch in English simultaneously with Japan.

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