Geoff Keighley's Reveal on Kojima's Absence at The Game Awards Wasn't Rehearsed; "Something Had to be Said"

Earlier this month, producer and host Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards 2015 came back for its second year to celebrate the best and finest in video games for the past year, though along the way one of the biggest revelations from the show came forth in Keighley’s revelation that Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima wasn’t allowed to attend the event on the persistence of Konami’s legal team, with Keighley revealing some more candid thoughts on his statement at the event.

During a Reddit AMA discussing The Game Awards, Keighley detailed that his statement on Kojima’s absence was not scripted or previously rehearsed before the show’s airing earlier this month through various online platforms.

In response to a fan question about why he announced Kojima’s absence at the event, Keighley detailed:

“It just broke my heart that he couldn’t be with us – something had to be said. I didn’t tell anyone on the show team what I was going to say and it wasn’t rehearsed.”

“I wanted him to know that we were thinking of him. I was trying to do all I could to make him feel connected to the show, even if he couldn’t be with us physically in LA. Heartbreaking situation.”

Although Kojima sadly was prevented from attending the show himself in Los Angeles, Keighley noted that Kojima was indeed still watching the event and tweeting during the show sparingly, as Keighley detailed what happened when he and his team for the show found out he couldn’t attend in person:

“We found out in advance, but there was an ongoing dialogue for quite a while. Hideo did watch the show in Tokyo and enjoyed it – just wish he could have been with us.”

Aside from the circumstances surrounding Kojima’s absence at the show due to the various developments between he and publisher Konami that have occurred throughout the year, Keighley also highlight several of the more positive aspects to come out of this year’s installment of The Game Awards in 2015, such as his focus to produce a tighter show running at 2 hours as opposed to nearly 3 hours (with Keighley noting this year’s ran about 2 hours, 4 minutes), while also trying to bring more onstage awards and presentations during that time.

While nothing is quite set in stone just yet for next year’s installment of the awards, Keighley expects that the response from this year’s show will surely bring the awards back for 2016, and also noted plans for a potential eSports tournament in the hours leading up to the awards show. Keighley elaborated a bit further on what to expect for the future of The Game Awards:

“I just want to keep growing the show and awareness of gaming. Hopefully with more lead time we can strike other partnerships that build the brand throughout the year. Excited to see what’s next. Thanks for watching.”

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