A Video Game Adaption of George Orwell’s Animal Farm is Happening

A Video Game Adaption of George Orwell’s Animal Farm is Happening

Two legs bad, four legs good!

Today it was revealed that a video game adaption of George Orwell’s literary classic Animal Farm is in the works: a timely announcement seeming the allegorical novella was released exactly 72 years ago today back in 1945.

Described as an “indie game adaption,” details on what will presumably be called Animal Farm are currently scarce, including the name of the developer working on it. However, we do know Imre Jele, co-founder of Bossa Studios, is involved with the project and that it is being made in collaboration with the Orwell Estate.

Further, the aim of the game is to ‘fuse political and artistic purpose into one whole’, just like Orwell did so long ago.

The following blurbs are displayed on the game’s website:

Keeping the faith

We live in turbulent times where established democracies are coming under attack from all sides. Animal Farm is a literary classic whose original message is more relevant than ever before. We will adapt this story for a new audience on a new medium whilst keeping true to George Orwell’s vision.

Your Journey

A good story makes us feel sympathy for its heroes, and a great one evokes empathy. But a game allow us to actually become those heroes and in so doing, to experience their challenges first hand. Our game gives you an immersive experience – you are part of the farm.

 Independent Thinking

We’re living in very disturbing times. Whilst we all thought that the world was making real social progress, we actually fell asleep and failed to notice dark corporate and political powers silencing all dissent. We are dedicated to maintaining an independent creative process; responsible only to George Orwell’s work and to our audience.

We have reached out to the developers of the game for more information on genre, platforms, release windows, etc.

For those that don’t know: Animal Farm, according to Orwell himself, is a satirical tale that reflects the lead up to the Russian Revolution of 1917, and then the transition to the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union that followed.

The book more specifically follows the story of a group of animals who rebel against their human owners and wind up taking control of the farm they live on and run it themselves. However, one tyranny is soon replaced by another, and things on the farm take a turn for the worse.

A best-seller and widely considered one of the best books of all time, it will be interesting to see what an Animal Farm game looks like. Personally, I’m pretty excited to find out.