Gerbils and XBOX Make A Fun Pair

on December 28, 2009 6:04 PM

I remember when I was kid that my sister had a pet gerbil. The name was fluffy of course. From time to time she used to put it in a clear ball, where it can roam around the house. What I thought it was meant for was kicking it like a soccer ball. I did not know better, I was a kid. Long story short Fluffy died and I got yelled at. In remembrance to Fluffy and all the horrible things I, and all the other kids, who wanted to do evil to their gerbils, came a game made on XBOX 360. It is called Gerbil Physics. No more do I need to hold myself back on gerbil destruction.

The game has buildings made of gerbils where you are the destroyer. A variety of destruction tools are at your command to bring all the houses down. Ropes, bombs and disintegrators, you name it. There are 24 levels for you and your destruction of cutesy animals. The game includes a powerful engine which includes a quick response time by the gerbils by every command you make. There are iron gerbils in the game, which are to cause you fear, or rub your cutesy love on them even further, I do not know. The best part about it is that it is only 80 Microsoft points. Do not worry, my critter lover fans, this game is totally legal, or so I think.