Germany Censors Sniper Elite V2

on April 21, 2012 5:00 PM

It’s a sad fact of life right now that video games are often the victims of censorship. Many nations around the world do not give games the same protection as art or expression that other more traditional forms like art are given. Probably the most well known example is Australia stripping Left 4 Dead 2 of much of the blood and gore.

In Germany however, due to that nation’s history, displaying anything relating to the Nazi regime is extremely controversial, and sometimes outright illegal. This brings us to the current case of Sniper Elite V2, the remake of a popular 2005 tactical shooter called simply Sniper Elite. Because the player is dropped into Germany to fight Nazis, the swastika and other Nazi¬†paraphernalia likely feature into the game’s art, which is why it conflicts with German law, and will have to be cut.

Also removed is a DLC where the player has a chance to kill Hitler, though no reason why there, you’d think they would encourage it.


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