Germany to Censor Black Ops

Germany to Censor Black Ops


According to a German gaming news site, Germany is continuing its trend of strict censorship of video games. Much like the previously-censored Left 4 Dead, Germany’s censorship policy will also be extended to Call of Duty: Black Ops. And as an added measure, both the retail and digitally-distributed versions of the German PC release will have to be run through Steam to ensure that players have not illegally downloaded the American or UK versions.


An Activision representative reportedly did admit, however, that German players will be permitted to purchase and activate the Austrian version, but did not comment on how, or even if, the Austrian version will differ content-wise.

Just when I was beginning to think the U.S. had it bad, at least I don’t live in Germany, where it sounds like some people still subscribe to the notion that violent video games cause violence in real life.

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