Get a Look At Demon Gaze’s Hub Castle, And New Demon, Venus

on December 27, 2012 9:10 PM

Experience has just revealed new information (via Siliconera) on their upcoming PS Vita title Demon Gaze, including a new demon, and the hub world of the game, Dragon Princess Manor.

The new demon, Venus, is described as a vain, narcissistic dancer who looks down on others who aren’t as beautiful. When she goes on rampage mode, she turns into the Golden Empress. Defeating her wins her as an ally who can help the party with skills like Golden Shell (which shields the party from attacks) and Golden Protection, which increases the XP and gold players receive.

The hub world is called Dragon Princess Manor, which consists of of multiple floors, each with their own purpose. The First Floor has a bathhouse, which was previously revealed as a way to change a character’s gender, voice, and name. The second floor is where the party stays: players can decorate rooms with furniture they buy or find to increase character stats. The third floor is home to several shops, including the weapon and armor shop where a character named Kastle resides, and an item shop run by an elf named Lezeluma, who occasionally gets drunk and fights with Kastle (and if the screenshots are right, likes to strip down to his civvies). Finally, there’s Promesse, who resides in the cellar and can revive fallen characters and extract ether from weapons, which can strengthen weapons and armor.

You can see these new characters and locations below in the gallery: check them out, and stay tuned to DualShockers for more news.

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