Get a Vinyl Record and a Floppy Disk with Humble Indie Bundle 12

By Andrew Matt

September 9, 2014

The 12th Humble Indie Bundle is finally here and it gives you the chance to get a bunch of physical goodies including a t-shirt, vinyl record, a floppy disk filled with goodies and more.

No, I didn’t mess that up, it comes with a floppy disk. Yes, they still make those, apparently.

The pay what you want bundle comes with Gunpoint, Hammerwatch and SteamWorld Dig with Gone Home, Luftrausers and Papers Please added when you meet or break the average purchase price. Those that spend over $10 will also receive an Early Access copy of Prison Architect. The nifty bonus is the $65 Humble Indie Bundle 12 Entertainment System that includes a t-shirt, 30-page magazine filled with tips on the bundled games, two collectible pins, a vinyl record and a floppy disk filled with hidden secrets.

Collectors will surely eat up the chance to get their hands on a ridiculous bundle like this, but those of you not into vinyls and floppy disks should still check out the bundle for the great games regardless. Gone Home was my personal game of the year for 2013 and I spent a lot of time spelunking my way through the caves of SteamWorld Dig, so I personally suggest you check it out if you don’t haven’t tried either yet.

The bundle is currently available at the Humble Bundle website and promises to add more games to it while it is available over the next two weeks. You can also check out the trailer below to see what is all in store for you in this latest Humble Indie Bundle.

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