Get an In-Depth Look at Overwatch's 31st Hero Sigma in Latest Dev Update

Sigma is the newest Overwatch hero. Join team lead Jeff Kaplan as he goes into great detail about everything Sigma can do.

Yesterday, the Overwatch team revealed the 31st hero in their fan-favorite hero shooter. Sigma’s origin story gave us a few hints of how he will play, but ultimately we didn’t know much when the video finished. Fortunately, Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan took to the internet today to give us an in-depth update on Sigma. Watch it below.

As revealed in the origin story yesterday, Sigma is a genius astrophysicist studying black holes and gravity. The man from the Netherlands took to the International Space Station to conduct an experiment. Something went horribly wrong and he winds up locked away in a government facility. The terrorist organization known as Talon busts him out and manipulates him into working for them as a human weapon. It’s an intriguing back story, but you’re really here for what he brings to your team comp.

Like I (and many others) predicted, Sigma will take on a tank role in the game. He will, like Winston, utilize a primary barrier to protect himself and his allies. His uses the “Experimental Barrier” which is deployed at different locations and angles to protect his team. One of the examples Kaplan used was a Sigma blocking a Pharrah’s ultimate and killing her with splash damage in the process. It seems that, in the hands of good players, Sigma is going to be a destructive playmaker.

His main attack is the Hyperspheres. These two-round, bouncing burst guns shoot a short distance. When they hit a target, they will deal proximity damage to anyone in the area. The bullets also have a slight gravitational pull, making that splash damage potentially devastating.

Sigma’s primary ability is the Kinetic Grasp. Like Neo in the Matrix, he’ll hold up an invisible shield in front of him and catch all incoming damage, turning everything he catches into a personal shield. Accretion is his single-target rock throw that knocks enemies down.

When Sigma drops his Ultimate, expect massive damage. He targets an area and everyone inside is propelled into the air. While there, they are very vulnerable to his teammates’ shots. When it ends, everyone goes crashing down, dealing lots of fall damage in the process.

Sigma is available on the PC PTR right now. If you play on that platform, be sure to go check him out. He will come to PS4 and Xbox One in a few weeks.

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