Get Borderlands and DLC 66% Off At Steam

on August 18, 2010 8:28 AM

Borderlands Mid Week Madness SteamBorderlands is a game that takes role playing elements, blends them with first person shooter elements, sprinkles a dash of open world on top, and then tells a story while co-op, leveling-up, gun-toting ┬ámayhem ensues. If you don’t know how you’d feel about that particular recipe quite yet and have been holding off on picking Borderlands up, now you have zero excuse left. Upon logging into Steam today to play some PC games players will be greeted the message to Buy Borderlands during the Mid-Week Madness discount of an incredible 66% off.

This sale knocks the price of the full game from $29.99 to just $10.19 as well as the option for a four pack, to send the extras to friends so they can join you in the action, for a whopping $59.39 in savings (grab three copies for just $30.58). In addition to these great offers you can even grab every one of the DLC downloads to the game for 66% off ($3.39 each instead of $9.99) when you buy all three of them for just $10.17. This is quite a steal of a deal and you are interested in this game even the slightest you’d be insane not to add this to your wish list right about now and head to the checkout line asap.

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