Get Even Sends Out a Scary Reminder with a Set of Two New Trailers

Get Even Sends Out a Scary Reminder with a Set of Two New Trailers

A series of two new post-launch trailers for Bandai Namco's Get Even maybe hinting at some upcoming news for this first person psychological thriller.

A few strange new trailers have appeared out of the darkness for Bandai Namco’s psychological thriller, Get Even. The game has been out since June 23rd (a delayed date for terrible real life events in Manchester) and released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for $29.99. These new videos are a bit of a mystery as they really don’t give much information about the game unlike the launch trailer. And the YouTube one is in 360 degrees, meaning you can drag your mouse to look at different areas all around you while the actions plays out.

The story concerns a man named Cole Black who is now trapped inside an asylum. His mind is only full of one thing; a vague memory of trying to rescue an unfortunate girl with a bomb attached to her chest. Among the dark and twisted halls of his prison, Cole will piece together what exactly has transpired. Will his only contact, the enigmatic Red, be any help in regaining these memories? Will his unconventional treatments do anymore than lead to insanity?

While the first person horror game has mysteries of its own, this new trailer for Get Even could be pointing towards something currently unspoken. The Facebook page for the title also has a new trailer for the game with the comment, “Is this device able to change what I can see? This is interesting; I need to take a closer look at it.”

This mixed in with the multi-directional YouTube video could be hinting at a possible VR mode for the game. This isn’t as outlandish as it seems as it was originally supposed to have virtual reality support before the devs, Farm 51, abandoned it. However these two new trailers could just be a push to promote the game post-launch or even a hint at future DLC. Even the ‘device’ mentioned in the FB post could be a reference to the ‘Pandora headset’ in the game, which lets you read other people’s thoughts. And the two trailers mention the Xbox One which does not have VR capability.

The 360 degrees trailer is available to view below.