Get Freaked Out by Corpse Party

Corpse Party by XSEED is somewhat of an odd game. It’s a 2D sprite based adventure game, mixed with horror elements, coming out later this year on the PSP exclusively through the PSN. It’s pretty graphic too.

At its core an adventure game, Corpse Party tells the tale of a group of high school students who end up inadvertently trapped in a haunted elementary school where a series of gruesome murders took place countless years prior.

The game is broken up into a total of five chapters, each of which centers on a different group of characters and contains several branching paths. Depending on the order and manner in which players interact with the environment, they will eventually either reach the true ending of the chapter, or come across one of the game’s many aptly-named “wrong ends”.  However, only each chapter’s true ending will advance the story and unlock the following chapter.

I think it would be safe to say that “wrong ends” won’t be pretty. That game was not on my radar, but now it is looking like a nice send off for my PSP (with Final Fantasy Type 0 if it ever comes out outside of Japan). Screens and trailer after the break.

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Isshak Ferdjani

Isshak started gaming with the NES, and has owned almost every console since then. He was born in Togo, grew up in Benin, studied in the US and now goes to college in France! You don't get more international than that, and his weird cultural background is reflected in his favorite games, which range from Final Fantasy to Bit Trip Runner to Dead Space to Deus Ex!

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