Get Groovy With a Boomstick and More in the Garage: Bad Trip Trailer

Clad with inspiration from B-era VHS movies and offering a top-down view, the Garage: Bad Trip trailer will paint the pixels on your Nintendo Switch gamepad to crimson.

The people at tinyBuild Games and Zombie Dynamics are offering Nintendo Switch users a gorefest with B-era VHS inspirations in their new title, Garage, boomstick not included (only digitally). Exclusive to Nintendo’s platform, the gore-n-guts gameplay will arrive on May 10. They even released a new trailer titled “Garage: Bad Trip” to show off some new gameplay.

In the game, you play as an ex-drug dealer named Butch, and your job is to save a girl, even if it means slaying your way through stacks of bodies. There is a mystery that Butch must reveal in Garage, and dark passages to an underground world is all part of it. In a Hotline: Miami kind of style, use your weapons to discover secrets and solve your way through each corridor and every crevice.

Learn to battle against dangerous elements in Garage, including military, the undead, and mutant scum. The weapons you find will offer a variety in tactics against these different types of enemies and their accommodating intelligence. More importantly, survive through different means, such as racing, managing your ammunition, and general shooting in order to survive.

Garage is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and arrives on May 10. So strap in and get ready to discover the secret to the cursed monsters, go save the girl, and get some of that sugar, baby! Want to see more of the game? Then check out the trailer and gallery below:

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Landon Luthi

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