Get Naughty With Record of Agarest War's Limited Edition

January 27, 2010

Record fo Agarest War, for those of you unfamiliar, is a strategy RPG based on a rather interesting anime, where hot girls do battle and rip each others clothes off.  That’s all you need to know.  By some miracle, it is making its way to North American shores this spring for both the Xbox 360 (in physical form) and the PS3 (only digitally via the PSN).

Because the Xbox 360 version is arriving in all its raw, visceral, physical glory, it is, naturally, getting a special edition.  What comes in this sexy special edition, you ask?  Do you really want to know?  It comes with a soundtrack CD, which is pretty standard for special editions of Japanese titles.  Oh, but they don’t stop there!  It also comes with a pillowcase.  Yes, you heard me.  A pillowcase.  I kid you not.  There’s no way I would joke about something like this.  It comes with a pillowcase of one of the girls in the game, so you can be extra close to her as you drift off to peaceful slumber.  Also in the box is a rather suggestive mousepad where you rest your wrist on the girl’s ample bosom.  Just check the shot below if you don’t believe me.  The icing on the cake?  This entire “special edition” box is collectively called the “really naughty limited edition”.  (Although, Sony must have a halo, because the PS3 isn’t getting anything quite this naughty.  Heh, PS3…halo…get the irony?  Oh, never mind.)

While this game may be a nice title for RPG fans, I have a feeling Aksys Games, the North American publisher, is taking things a little too far, wouldn’t you say?  Do you enjoy strategy RPGs?  Would you pick this up for the game play, or for the content?  Speaking of content, the ESRB rated this game “T for Teen”.  Echoing the sentiments of our source, Siliconera, I, too, would like to know how they can explain that one away.  I mean, seriously.  I think I’ll point this out to Fox News, what do you think?

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