Get Nostalgic With Money Idol Exchanger and Sonic Wings Special

By John Colaw

November 15, 2010

That’s right, I said nostalgic and I’m talking about PlayStation One games. Do you feel old yet? MonkeyPaw Games is bringing you these two classic games to the PlayStation Network starting tomorrow. For those of you who don’t remember these games or never knew them, Money Idol Exchanger is a take on the “Match Three” puzzle formula using coins instead of gems or whatever else. The coins can combine and make new ones worth more, so a lot of strategy comes into play.

Sonic Wings Special on the other hand is a vertical scrolling SHMUP with a wide variety of characters/jets to choose from and features co-op play. There’s a dude named Captain Blaster Keaton, what else do you need to know? Both games will be available tomorrow for $5.99. While I’m not too familiar with Sonic Wings Special, I can testify that Money Idol Exchanger is actually a lot of fun and a great way to kill some time. Give these two a look and relive the glory days.

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