Get Packed Announced at Google Stadia Connect Event

Get Packed Announced at Google Stadia Connect Event

Get Packed was revealed at today's Stadia Connect event. The multiplayer game makes packing up your house for a move into a task full of havoc, mayhem, and despicable revolving doors.

Google’s first Stadia Connect event had a number of new announcements today, including a few new games coming to the platform. One of those was the new multiplayer game Get Packed from Moonshine Studios. Check it out below.

You and three friends are trying to pack up your house for a big move. Unfortunately, packing has never been so difficult. With numerous obstacles to get around and manage, your short trip from the living room to the moving van has become incredibly dangerous. The trailer shows exploding cars, out-of-control forklifts, and slides that have no business being in someone’s house. And I’ve never seen a revolving door look so menacing. The four-player carnage looks like it could be a blast.

Get Packed supports both couch and online co-op. So regardless of where your friends are, if they have Stadia, you can play together. Since the success of Overcooked! we’ve been getting a number of games like these. That said, even with the influx of weird four-player havoc games, I’m always down to try out a new one. Personally, I like the look of Tools Up! more than Get Packed, but this seems like a solid addition to the Stadia lineup. At the very least, it will show how well Stadia can stream fast-paced, explosive-filled gameplay when up to four people are playing together.

Get Packed is coming to Stadia in 2020. For more news from today’s Stadia Connect event and everything coming out of E3 next week, keep your eyes locked on Dualshockers.