Get Ready to Break Your Tablets: SpaceChem is Now Available for the iPad

Zachtronic Industries’ unbelievably addictive “educational” game SpaceChem is now available on the iPad for a scant $5.99. The chemistry simulator of sorts endeared itself to me when it first came out on PCs earlier in the year; to see it on the iPad is only logical, as the game was meant for portability and user-friendly touchscreen controls.

If you have not played SpaceChem, I greatly recommend you do. Despite it’s crushingly steep learning curve, it still remains one of my favorite indie games of the year; it provides the sense of reward and success that most games would dream of achieving. Go ahead and download it here; there really is no reason to hesitate on one of the best puzzle games released this year.

Allen Park

Allen is an utter whore of a gamer; he's completely open-minded to all games, be they AAA blockbusters or $5 casual children's games. His focus is on indie games specifically, valuing gameplay and ingenuity over sparkly visuals and ridiculous gimmicks. When he's not geeking out over the newest art game, he's out toning his sexy, sculpted shoulders while surfing epic 1.5ft waves, or having a good time with local, high-gravity microbrews.

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