Get Ready to Vanquish the Deceiver As Warner Bros. and Legendary Announces World of Warcraft Movie

Get Ready to Vanquish the Deceiver As Warner Bros. and Legendary Announces World of Warcraft Movie

A lot of exciting news came out of  San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, one of the more surprising presentations was the official announcement of the World of Warcraft film – now called Warcraft. Yes we’ve been promised an adaptation since 2006 with everyone from Sam Raimi to Steven Spielberg directing, but now we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Blizzard, Legendary Pictures, Warner Brothers, and director Duncan Jones debuted concept art (seen below) and a teaser trailer which will not be available to the public (blame Warner Bros.) However a description of the teaser was provided.

Here’s how it played out:

  • The footage begins in a desert setting, with large rock formations creating what seemed to be a barren battle arena. There’s greenish light from part of the sky. There’s an armored man getting himself pumped up for battle. He unsheathes his sword and it’s very loud against the quiet breeze.
  • The man notes a skeleton near him and picks up the dead soldier’s shield, then taps his sword against his shield. We see a slow-moving panning wide-shot as we glimpse the rear torso of a large figure.
  • The shot keeps moving and the weapon of the beast revealed to be an Orc warhammer.
  • The solider sidesteps in the background – there’s a lot of distance between them. They begin charging and we get third-person view of the sprinting Orc and as he brings the hammer down we see the soldier’s perspective raising his shield as the massive hammer from the massive enemy crashes down.
  • The “mood piece” teaser cuts there and the animated WARCRAFT logo displays.

According to Jones, who also appeared at Comic-Con, filming for Warcraft will begin filming in early 2014, is believed to have a budget that exceeds $100 million, and is intended for release in cinemas in 2016. As for now no cast or further information was released.

Here is what Jones’ Warcraft could look like.