Get Ready to Yell "Objection!" on March 28th in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

February 5, 2014

The long awaited Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has today been confirmed for a March 28 release date on 3DS.

To celebrate the announcement, Nintendo have also unveiled a new teaser trailer, hinting at the case that will see the sleuthing icons team up.

Nintendo have also released a little information about the plot of the game, which begins in. Both Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright stumble across a mysterious woman named Espella Cantabella, who quickly transports both sleuths and their sidekicks to a magical world called Labyrinthia. Labyrinthia’s ruler is a figure named Storyteller, who posses the ability to see the future. Any prophecy he writes down eventually becomes a reality.

It’s into this world that Layton and Wright stumble and along with their sidekicks Luke Triton and Maya Fey they aim to stop Espella from being found guilty of witchcraft.

Seeing as this is a crossover game, both Layton and Wright will be able to use the other’s abilities. Wright can now utilise hint coins to narrow down his choices when examining evidence, or to give him hints when he cross-examines witnesses. Layton, on the other hand, will now be able to join Wright in crying out “Objection!” in trials, as well helping Wright to detect suspicious witnesses.

Depending on how efficiently players finish each level, they’ll also recieve additional content in the form of artwork and additional missions.

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