Get Rewarded for Buying New Copies of RAGE with Free DLC

By Kenneth Richardson

April 18, 2011

Bethesda and id Softwarehave taken a unique approach to getting gamers to spring for new copies over used copies of their hot new shooter RAGE. Instead of alienating used buyers by not giving them access to an integral part of a game like say…EA and their online pass, they’ll just reward those who buy new with a pretty sweet freebie.

The first DLC for RAGE, the Wasted Sewers, will ship with new copies. Additionally, pre-ordering the game will net you a few in-game weapons, which comprise the game’s Anarchy Edition. Can you say lame? We should all applaud id for killing two birds with one stone: slapping the used games business in the face and not pissing off used buyers. RAGE is due on PC, Mac and HD consoles September 13th.

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