Get Three Select Amiibo For $30 At Best Buy

Get Three Select Amiibo For $30 At Best Buy

Best Buy has a new deal where you can buy three select amiibo figures for $30. There are fourteen different amiibo’s to choose from and you’ll need to hurry because this deal is ending tonight. If there are any amiibo that catch your eye then don’t hesitate.

List of Available Super Smash Bros. Amiibo:

Bowser (Smash Bros.)

Sonic (Smash Bros.)

Toon Link (Smash Bros.)

Luigi (Smash Bros.)

Diddy Kong (Smash Bros.)

Zelda (Smash Bros.)

Shiek (Smash Bros.)

Mario (Smash Bros.)

Pikachu (Smash Bros.)

List of Available Super Mario Bros. Amiibo:

Mario (Super Mario Series)

Luigi (Super Mario Series)

Bowser (Super Mario Series)

Yoshi (Super Mario Series)

Peach (Super Mario Series)