Get to the Choppa!

A Resident Evil chopper is being built out of one of the coolest (and one of the strangest) licensing deals in videogame history. Savage Cycles out of Frostburg, Maryland is building the zombie killing motorcycle. As with most custom choppers, this will not be a mass produced motorcycle but a limited number bike. Each motorcycle is handmade by the skilled craftsmen over at Savage Cycles, where they do everything from building the frame to painting in house. The style they were shooting for was a post-apocalyptic themed, zombie murderin’ machine. So it’s more something you would see from the movie Resident Evil: Extinction than any of the games.

The first Resident Evil themed motorcycle should be finished around the start of January. As this is one of the few motorcycle builds I’ve been interested in, I’ll be sure to check in for updates until it’s completion.

This is the design sketch for the RE themed chopper.

Here is the hand built frame, look at how sharp the edges are.

Drew Mills

Currently going to school in Indiana so when Drew isn't studying, you can find him playing games. Though he is typically playing games from this current generation, he'll still bust out classic consoles for a night of nostalgic gaming. If he is not studying or gaming, he is usually out working on his photography. Thinks sleep is for the weak. Favorite Games: Metal Gear Solid, Mega Man 2, Goldeneye

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