Get Your Crazy Monster Design Added to Dungeon of the Endless in New Contest

on November 24, 2014 9:21 PM

After releasing from Early Access in October, Amplitude Studios gorgeous genre-blending Dunegon of the Endless is letting players have the chance to add something of their own creation to the game.

The Design-Your-Own-Monster contest is giving players with the knack for designing “stupidly cool monsters” the opportunity to get their creations permenatly into the game. The contest starts today and runs through December 1st, with the winner receiving three free copies of the game to share with their friends to play co-op, their name in the credits, integration of their monster into the game and an exclusive T-shirt featuring their creative monstrosity. To enter the contest, fans can visit the community forums for details.

Known for their deep 4X strategy games like Endless Space and Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless is a major departure from the studios bread and butter genre. The game features a unique blend of rogue-like, RPG-light elements and  defense tower strategy as players work alone or with up to four people to gather resources, construct defenses and explore a near infinite number of dungeons that are between you and the planet’s surface. You can pick up Dungeon of the Endless now for PC on Steam for $12.99.

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