Get Your Credit Cards Ready Again; Steam Summer Sale 2015 Dates Potentially Leaked

Get Your Credit Cards Ready Again; Steam Summer Sale 2015 Dates Potentially Leaked

Though this time of the year has already been brimming with new game releases and plenty of great game offers, one of the biggest of the season, the infamous wallet-draining Steam Summer Sale, usually brings its particular brand of deals and price-slashing to gamers in mid-June, with the dates for this year’s 2015 sale potentially having leaked.

A new social post shared through VKontakte, an official social network platform community run by Valve, may have revealed the dates for this year’s Steam Summer Sale 2015, marking a run from June 11th – 20th, 2015, followed by two days of “encore” sales until June 22nd, marking the sale’s official end date.

The Steam Summer Sale is an annual tradition for Valve where the company provides a huge variety of discounts throughout the duration of the sale, with various flash deals and community-driven choices directing what games will go on sale during regularly-changing intervals.

In addition to a huge selection of games being discounted, previous Summer Sales have also included overarching meta-games, such as last year’s “Steam Summer Adventure,” where purchasers could obtain and collect special Steam Trading Cards and Badges only available during the Summer Sale, though it’s unclear at this time if a similar “game” will be in place during this year’s sale.

While there is no official confirmation just yet of these dates, the timeline does coincide with last year’s sale, with the Summer Sale 2014 starting on June 19th and running through June 30th last year, also running for 11-days like the timeline of this year’s sale, though starting roughly one week earlier.

Steam’s Summer Sale 2015 is expected to launch in June 2015, with the rumored dates being June 11th – 22nd, 2015: stay tuned for more details and official confirmation as news develops.