Get Your Hands On Bayonetta PS3... In English

One of the many great features that the PlayStation 3 comes with out of the box is the fact that it’s region-free. Meaning you can import games from Albania or Niger and play it on your PS3. In fact, if you’re a desperate bastard and can’t wait for your country’s version to hit shores, you can simply go to sites like and get your importing on.

There’s a game coming out that’s been catching everyone’s attention. It involves a hot dominatrix looking woman, named Bayonetta, that excels in kicking ass. Unfortunately for folks like us here in North America, we still have a couple of months to get our hands on it, since it’s slated for a January 2010 release… that’s if you own an Xbox 360 that is.

People who own a PS3 and are itching to get their fix of the firearm-wielding, shapeshifting witch can get their hand on Bayonetta right about… (Looks at his watch) now. And guess what? Not only is it already out in Japan, but, as per Siliconera, the Japanese PS3 version isn’t only region-free, but also presented completely in English. And when I say everything, I mean everything; menus, voices, in-game text, everything you need to get your non-Japanese speaking ass through the game. So, if you have $79.99 to spare and want to play the game now, get over to and order your copy. I’m doing that right now as we speak.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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