Get Your Michael Jackson Signed PS1

Get Your Michael Jackson Signed PS1

Many things have been said of Michael Jackson after his passing, but no one can take away the fact that he was a great entertainer and loved video games. It looks like a signed original PS1 has surfaced on Ebay, some sites were reporting that it had a Buy It Now price of 1.5 million, but at time of writing this article (July 21,2009 11 PM EST) the current bid was only $580. If authentic it could be an interesting piece of memorabilia for an avid collector or fan.

The unit supposedly signed by the King of Pop says “I Love You, Michael Jackson” and is claimed to be the 1,000,001 st unit built by Sony. I find this all a bit far fetched, but here is what the seller states:

I won it on the “Consumer Electronics Unlimited Exhibition (Also called IFA in Germany) in Berlin on 04.09.1997 in a Players Contest.
The autograph was signed by Michael during one of his last tourneys after playing a few games in his Room (at the Hotel)!
As told in the text its the 1.000.001st Playstation ever built by Sony!!

Could be a diamond in the rough or a flaming pile of poo, you be the judge.

What would you pay for this item? It’s already too rich for my blood.

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  1. Michael Jackson will be the greatest pop singer in the whole world. Everyone will miss him.