Get Your Own Portable SNES For Eighty Bones

Get Your Own Portable SNES For Eighty Bones

Let’s say you’re on a flight, and you really feel like playing some of your classic SNES games that you happen to have packed away in your backpack. (Good luck fitting many in there.) How am I supposed to play those games without resorting to semi-legal programs put onto sometimes semi-legal hardware?

There are always portable console mods, and Hyperkin‘s just opened up pre-orders for their surprisingly useful and cheap model. The SupaBoy is compatible with all Super Nintendo and Super Famicom carts, has a 3.5-inch screen, 2 hours of battery life, stereo sound, built-in AV-out, a headphone jack, and two slots for two more SNES controllers to be plugged in.

And it’s only $80, much cheaper than a lot of portable mods out there right now.

Hopefully they’ll do one for the Genesis soon; I’d really like to play Shining Force on the go and show off some of the chiptune stuff I’ve made without lugging a Genesis around.

Update: The system is already “launched” according to the press release, but it’s still marked as “pre-order” on their site. I’m not sure why.