GG| Is a Letterboxd Style App for Gamers, Founder Reveals Statistics for 2019

GG| Is a Letterboxd Style App for Gamers, Founder Reveals Statistics for 2019

The year-end statistics for the GG| application were announced yesterday showing an increase of users for the video game backlog app.

More year-end roundups, this time from a tool that focuses on organizing that dreaded backlog of games to play. GG| only launched in 2018 but seemed to gain traction throughout 2019. Founder and creator of the website, Charles Watson shared the statistics behind its performance throughout 2019 in a Twitter thread.

Starting from January 1, 2019, the app already had 2,003 users. As of yesterday, the app has grown to have 14,695 users which Watson states is a 623% increase.

For those unaware, GG| essentially acts as a list where users can browse a large library of games and state whether they have beaten the game, shelved the game, and even abandoned the game. Users can also create personal lists that can be public or private. For example, I’ve made a list of some games I think are great for accessibility. It’s been often stated to be a video game equivalent of Letterboxd.

While the app is free to use, there are monetization features that were implemented in August last year. These come in the form of Pro and Elite subscriptions, each one granting the user additional benefits such as badges, adding reviews, and even access to a private Discord server. The Pro subscription costs $3 a month whereas the Elite subscription costs $5 a month. The introduction of these subscriptions saw GG| go from making $0 to $1170.

There have also been 18,072 unique games logged, 507 reviews added, and 8,273 lists created, with Marvel’s Spider-Man being the most listed title on the website.

I’ve been using the app since last month and have already found myself logging a bunch of games I’ve beaten, but sadly not completed, which by the app’s standards means to 100% it. At current, the process of adding games is all manual, so if you’re hoping to sign in to your PlayStation account or Xbox account and somehow implementing your games through that, you can’t.

GG| is available to grab for free on iOS, Android, and through your browser.